Salvere Blog: Field Day and Presidential Physical Fitness

by Salvere Health and Fitness

Okay, how many of you sparked a real feeling of something between “ugh” and full on dread?? How many reflected on more fun memories? These two “events” from childhood help formulate the perspective and feeling many of us carry throughout life regarding physical activity. Now, before I go any further, this blog does not mean to suggest these events should be done away with at school.

So, what’s the point then? Take a survey of those in your closest circle by simply mentioning one or both. I find over half of respondents (really, it’s way more!) literally give a very real emotional reaction to how much it did not feel good for them to participate.

So, why then do we (still) do them (or some version of them) and require everyone participate? As with so many other things, lets dig a little.

Like, whats the purpose, where did they originate and why. Field day looks different everywhere but in general, it holds onto one of several events that culminate the end of the school year, designed around fun games. Presidential physical fitness events started in the 1960s as a way to measure the fitness level of the youth in America. Now you can go on and find out more about the whys and whats as some of the history is quite “interesting”.

Here’s the thing, for many, many individuals the memories feel embarrassing, traumatizing or simply not positive. If we spend more time peeling away these layers, it really starts the foundation for how someone feels about fitness, exercise and moving their body. While some people enjoy these types of events and the competitions surrounding it, many people don’t.

How do we provide different opportunities for different people? How do we look deeper to realize that something that seems one way on the surface may not actually elicit the intended feeling?

by Lisa Martin, owner and personal trainer at Salvere Health and Fitness.

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