Salvere Blog: Lessons of 23 years in business

by Lisa Martin

Lesson #1 — look back through old blogs and copy, paste, reshare! So this is from 15 years in business taught me ………

Starting a business at 25 years old sure does start learning some of lifes lessons quickly.  December marks our 15 (23) year anniversary!  (Yes, if you do that math and don’t read all of our emails, that makes me 40!)  Shew — what a journey it’s been. Going from majoring in partying in college — because who would major in anything else — to being responsible for a business and finding ways to pay bills became quite an introduction to the “real world”.

In reflecting, I would say the 10 impactful lessons learned from owning and running a business are:

1. When things are busy, take advantage of it all because it will balance itself out with slow times! Work your butt off and be reliable.

2. If it seems like you finally got it, get ready, because something is about to change.  Keep looking one step ahead and be prepared.

3. Take time to sit and observe things and events going on around you, without making an assessment or judgement.

4. Surround yourself with amazing people. Encourage and provide an honest relationship, be real and take suggestions. You’ll need the support and feedback. Performance evaluations are still important even when you don’t have a boss.

5. Never underestimate your ability to make an impact — both positively and negatively! People watch what you do and we show/teach people how to treat us through our actions more then our words.

6. Getting up early is not all that bad — and can be quite peaceful and productive.

7. Take time to give time. To kids, to elderly, to animals — Find your thing!

8. Think out of the box with regard to advertising and marketing. Be and do differently.

9. Often you’re both the teacher and the student. Look for opportunities to learn and grow from other experiences. Be interested, share stories.

10. Stay true to your heart and values — personally and professionally — even when it seems to go against the grain.

Thank you to all of you for allowing me and Salvere Health and Fitness to help you on your journey and sharing your stories with us.

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