Salvere Blog: What’s in Your Toolbox?


by Salvere Health and Fitness

Continuing the theme of last blog, what’s in your “movement options toolbox”? Meaning, when your “normal routine” gets thrown off, what do you do when you need to modify what you planned?

If we think outside the “box” when it comes to exercise to include any type of movement. Some ideas for your toolbox include:

— Short on time, create a list of some things you want to feel better doing like stretching, balance or some floor work?

— Not time to get to the gym, what can you do at home? Go old school: jumping jacks, side shuffle, squats, wall sits, dips, planks

— Not feeling that run? Call a friend and go for an outdoor adventure, take pictures, find random things, be aware of your surroundings

— When’s the last time you danced or did something with child like freedom? No time like the present!!!
by Lisa Martin, owner and personal trainer at Salvere Health and Fitness. To contact, email or call 410.707.0055.
We welcome your thoughts and ideas! Thank you for reading and taking the steps to become a healthier YOU.

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