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Salvere Blog: Making a Treat A Treat

May 18, 2015

A treat by definition is and event or item that is out of the ordinary and provides pleasure. Growing up, I remember it being something special to get ice cream or eat a brownie or go on a trip or even go to do something. These things have now become part of our regular expectations of life. How then does this impact or have anything to do with healthy living?  Well, that’s a tough answer — Sometimes nothing and sometimes everything.  So, for the sake of this blog, lets go with the “everything”.

Lets start with discussing school lunch time.  Kids now rush out of the classroom to eat lunch in a very short period of time — Then once they finish, they get the opportunity to purchase “snack”.  Now, I realize different schools come with different options but, for the most part, “snack” items consist of ice cream, cookies, Little Debbie snacks and the like. First, since when does “snack” immediately follow a meal? Second, this sounds more like “dessert” then “snack”. And for many students, “snack” happens quite regularly. This is not to say we cannot let them eat these foods. How do we begin to bring it back to something “out of the ordinary”?

Looking at the “doing things” side of a “treat”, how many times do we do or not do based on behavior. Taking a trip, whether it be near or far, can be a reward for doing something out of the ordinary. Saving a special outing as a bonus for doing something special can something help motivate you or someone else to achieve something a little challenging.

These examples look at ways we can bring treat back to being a treat.  Sometimes special things don’t feel special because we do them all the time. This could be something we do for ourselves or for others. Is there a way you can bring “treats” back to your world?