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Being Proud

March 6, 2014

Proud:  feeling deep pleasure or satisfaction as a result of one’s own achievement, qualities or possessions.

When’s the last time you remember being proud of yourself or something you accomplished?  I mean, really proud.  How did it feel?  Often being proud of yourself feels awkward, strange and uncomfortable.  Sometimes we downplay an achievement to avoid feeling that way.  Sometimes we avoid talking about it all together.  Sometimes we compare to someone else who accomplished something “greater”.  Sometimes we even avoid taking credit.  Why?  Is it easier to be proud of someone else or for someone else to be proud of you?

Sometimes we might feel like that line between being boastful or egotistical and proud is hard to determine … so again we avoid pride.  The feeling of pride in accomplishments goes a long way.  Yes, be proud of small achievements — You work hard, give yourself credit where credit is due — It helps keep the journey moving forward!