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Salvere Blog: “That Hurts My Knee” — Pain Management, Beyond Medication

September 21, 2016
Who’s heard or read anything about Opiods lately? The increased news over the last several months on the opioid epidemic and how it relates to pain management opened up the discussions for alternatives. Among those, movement and exercise rank pretty high! For those of us in the industry, this does not come as a surprise — welcome to another casualty of the “war on obesity”.

Our “exercise for weight loss” mentality has helped put on blinders to all the other tremendous benefits of moving our bodies.  Realize this, not all exercises help work on proper alignment and movement patterns.  In fact, the exercises we use in our high intensity weight loss workouts can actually exacerbate these problems by not working through creating proper alignment first and building up to certain movements, one step at a time. Sometimes the first step seems tedious and not too effective (but only if you’re looking at your workouts solely for weight loss!).

knee-painIf you struggle with regular pain of some kind (even if sporadic and random), take a mental inventory. When did you first notice it hurting? Have you been injured? Had surgery? Fallen? Been in a car accident (even if it was 20 years ago!)? Do you sit for hours each day? Is the pain only on one side? Do you wear a wallet in your pocket or carry a purse/bag/backpack? Wear high heels?

If you ever feel pain during your workout (or any other time!) that just does not seem right, talk about it — Bring it up to what ever professional you’re working with at the time. Let them help you address it before it becomes an often or always type of problem.”No pain, no gain” should not necessarily be your motto. This does not mean all pain can be treated without medication or some type of other intervention. It means, pay attention and don’t wait until something hurts for years before telling someone. Sometimes we can work on in before it becomes major.

by Lisa Martin, owner and personal trainer at Salvere Health and Fitness. To contact her, call (410) 707-0055 or email

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