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Salvere Blog: Expectations and Reality

March 19, 2020

by Salvere Health and Fitness

Sometimes people say, don’t have expectations. How realistic does this sound? Ever tried it? As many of us sit home the next few weeks, unexpectedly, maybe it’s about realistic, expectation-vs-realitythoughtful expectations with flexibility.

Expectations come in many different areas – with yourself, with friends, with family, with significant others, with a job and with a daily schedule. Think of a time when you set a goal for yourself and did not “accomplish” it and a time you did. What made each situation different?

With fitness, my mind goes to New Years resolutions. We encourage setting goals of exercise and eating that often start with unrealistic expectations. For example, someone who wants to start working out from scratch, what makes it seem realistic to expect going from not exercising to 5-6x per week immediately. What about the process of recovering from injury or illness? How about setting something more achievable and reasonable? That person sets an unrealistic expectation of themselves and often as professionals we guide these goals without further discussion.

Look at other areas such as relationships as well. How and what creates the expectation of another? Do we expect something from Mom or Dad, cause, well they’re our parents? Do we expect things from our significant other simply because of the role they hold in our lives? Do we expect our job to provide us something unrealistic? How about buying a big house or fancy car, do we expect that to bring us joy?

What if we took a little more time to look deeper at each situation and person as well as ourselves when we set expectations? How could we be more aware and appreciate each situation for what it brings to our lives? How can we better express areas we could use extra support and honor our individual dreams and goals?

Maybe taking a little extra time to investigate a little deeper will help with establishing more realistic expectations of both ourselves and each other? How do we use this to navigate an ever changing environment?

by Lisa Martin, owner and personal trainer at Salvere Health and Fitness. To contact, email or call 443.340.2969.
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