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Forgiveness: of Self and Others

April 10, 2014

“Forgiveness is a gift you give yourself” – Tony Robbins

… Such a big word and even more powerful action.  We teach our children about forgiveness and even talk afreedom of forgivenessbout forgive and forget but sometimes what we forget about as adults is the power of forgiveness.  Where does resistance to forgiveness come from?  Why, as adults, are we hesitant to forgive?  Does forgiveness only relate to others?  Have you ever done something and not forgiven yourself?

Resistance to forgive often comes because we feel someone wronged us and if we forgive then they will think their actions were okay.  Sometimes an action equates to great consequences for the victim and finding forgiveness means letting go of blame or anger.  The act of forgiveness follows a path of varying emotions and some things take more time and a longer path to get to the end to find the way to forgive.  This path leads to different opportunities to grow and learn about yourself, on a deeper level.  Forgiveness leads to a sense of freedom from emotional pain and possibly even a greater feeling of self respect.

Will we or can we every really “forget” something?  Unfortunately we don’t have an eraser for the memory — Depending on the severity, it may diminish greatly or not really at all.  Forgiveness does not always come with forget.  Think if there is something you hold on to — How does it affect you?  Where does it show up?  Is it something or someone you can come to a point of forgiveness?