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Diets DON’T Work

February 19, 2015

Who’s heard or even said this — “The diet worked, when I was on it.” — If I had $1 for every time someone said this, I’d have a small fortune! When you hear the word “diet”, do you automatically think – “This is something I’ll do for the rest of my life.”

Here’s why diets do not “work”:

Let’s start with why and what we want to gain by changing our eating habits. Lose weight, get in a certain outfit, health issues, etc. What goals do you set when you think about “dieting”? Now, think about your goal. How long do you wish to maintain this “achievement”? If you answered, for the rest of your life, enter reason #1 of why diets don’t work. They do not teach you how to eat, for your body, with your specific likes and dislikes, FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. They come with a start and stop time.

Paleo, South Beach, Shakeology, Mediterranean, DASH, Weight Watchers, Gluten Free, Jenny Craig, Adkins, etc. Go Google “diets” and see what comes up. One of the first links take you to a US News and World Reports page listing the 35 best diets. Really, 35 “best” diets? Hmmm — No wonder we find healthy eating confusing and overwhelming.

Now on to the “why” of eating. How many of these diets touch on the WHY we eat certain food, at certain times. Diets do not touch on behavioral change and what we do to create a lifetime healthy eating plan that includes eating regularly and incorporating cookies, chicken wings and beer on random occasions. A dieting mentality comes with quite a bit of self punishment. “I was bad.” Think back to when you were a child, how did you feel after being punished??

If there was a magical formula, would there be 35 “best” diets (oh and you can find way more then 35 options)? We all have our own unique way of eating and dieting does not take this into consideration. If we truly wanted to eat like a Caveman, we would be eating wooly mammoth and saber tooth tigers, not cows and chickens — oh, and we would be hunting them down and killing them ourselves. Many of these diets have useful information and you can take snippets from each to apply to what makes you feel your best!

To Diet or Not to Diet…

October 2, 2014

Diets — they’ve become so much a part of our society that we work with clients who spend most of their life dieting and on a weight loss/gain roller coaster.  The term “diet” used to mean what ones eats over a certain period of time.  Now, most of us hear the word “diet” and automatically think something we “go on” that comes along with specific restrictions, usually for weight loss purposes.  As trainers, we engage in many conversations about what to eat and what is “the best diet”.  Recently, we’ve been involved in several eye opening discussions.

So one conversation started about a specific diet plan and the person wanted to know if it was ideal for her goals.  Off she went to investigate.  After deciding to give it a try, she brought home all the details, instructions and materials.  The five or so generic recommendations included avoiding things like alcohol and dairy.  Sounds okay so far — The looking at the specifics, the guidelines included utilizing their prepackaged foods.

Well, I picked up this astronaut looking food and read the ingredient list — Ingredient #1: MILK … Ingredient #2: Whey protein isolate (milk!) … Ingredient #3: cheddar cheese powder (dairy!) — hmmm, thought the instructions included avoiding dairy??  So the individual providing the diet instructions advised avoiding dairy but then sold their customer numerous food products (fyi they make money off of selling product!) that included not 1 but 3 dairy ingredients, as the main ingredients!  None of this mattered because weight loss happened — My question to you all when contemplating your next diet … What price do we pay for weight loss??  Do diets = Health??  Are we utilizing the right professionals when looking at making nutritional changes?

Look for our next blog where we investigate whether we should always be applauding weight loss…

message from a apologetic personal trainer…

February 4, 2014

oops sign

Why would your trainer be apologizing you ask?  Well, I’d like to use this as an opportunity to offer all of you a sincere apology from the fitness industry.  Okay, so they didn’t officially appoint me the spokesperson but I’ll take on the responsibility!

For years we led you all to believe that you can reach your health and fitness goals in 6 weeks, 8 weeks, 12 weeks, etc. by offering programs with such promises and timelines.  I want you to know that we are truly sorry for spreading viscous lies for so many years.  Between the infomercials, magazines, television shows and gyms promoting all those people that lost so much in just weeks, we have mislead you!  Ever heard or even said “Well that diet worked, while I was on it.”  Sure some programs and people see success but how long does it last?  And why does it not stay off when we use it?  And the ones that do lose, most gain it back.  How often do we see a Biggest Loser reunion show??

The fact remains, if a program teaches you how to implement healthy habits into your daily routine FOR the REST of your LIFE then it is the RIGHT program for you.  We don’t need extensive research to show us that exercise and healthy eating should take place forever!!  To make up for this terrible thing we have done to you all, we promise to be faithful and true, ’til death do us part, to teaching you the truth and helping you ACHIEVE TRUE HEALTH!  After all, it’s a journey not a destination…