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Salvere Blog: Can We Change the Conversation?

December 3, 2018
inner-beauty-jgwWe started talking about how and what we say throughout our blogs, in various ways. Before we go any further, I wanted to go more into “why” its important to change how we discuss dieting and exercise.
How many of you think about exercise in terms of weight loss and/or external appearance, dieting to be healthy, workouts should be hard, good and bad foods and/or that there’s a “right” way to exercise?
How would it feel if we talked about moving our bodies in terms of feeling better, more energetic and less stiff? Or in terms of our abilities? Or how it creates an environment to build a community, feel connected and get to know your friends and neighbors better?
How would your kids feel if we took time to be outdoors, enjoying each other company, hiking, biking or wandering? How would it feel if you enjoyed that glass of wine or cake without feeling bad about it later? Of if we took time to talk about and appreciate our inside gifts, what make us unique? What if we talked more about appreciating what taking care of our bodies enables us to do?
How can you begin to expand and change your mindset with the ideas and concepts surrounding exercise and food? What can you do to change how you talk to yourself, friends and children? Take time to “see” and say to people you know and even strangers!
by Lisa Martin, owner and personal trainer at Salvere Health and Fitness. To contact, email or call 410.707.0055.
We welcome your thoughts and ideas! Thank you for reading and taking the steps to become a healthier YOU.

Salvere Blog: Ugh, It’s Monday

May 14, 2018
by Salvere Health and Fitness

Do you feel this way on Monday morning? As many of you already know, most of these blog posts develop through listening and participating in various conversations throughout the week. For over 20 years, I lived in the world of fitness and health. In this world of food and exercise, we create all kinds thoughts, ideas and actions of “right” ways to do thing.

How many times do you say or hear, I’m starting my diet on Monday? Or getting back into my workouts on Monday? Or I set my smoking quit date for Monday? Finally, after 20 years, I thought, well no wonder we hate Mondays!!!!!

Well, Monday, I want to offer you an apology! So sorry we put so much pressure on you!!!! Why wait until Monday? Doing the same things repeatedly starts to feel a little crazy and kinda doesn’t create confidence that something different will happen by continuing the same actions.

Can we rethink this “quit or restart on Monday” thing? Can you create a different thought process in your own expectations of “the weekend” regarding how you eat and what you do to move your body? How can rediscovering the reason why these things matter to you make a difference? What if we shifted our mindset to creating a broader perspective of health, eating and exercise?


by Lisa Martin, owner and personal trainer at Salvere Health and Fitness. To contact, email or call 410.707.0055.
We welcome your thoughts and ideas! Thank you for reading and taking the steps to become a healthier YOU.

Salvere Blog: PASTA!!!

April 16, 2018

by Salvere Health and Fitness

impastaSo, did you hear the most recent news surrounding pasta? Well, “new studies show it just might not be bad for you”. If you want to read up, click here for one of the articles.

Okay, who’s had enough of this good/bad back and forth with foods, exercise and anything else of the sort with regard to your health and wellbeing?? Low fat, high fat, low carb. Don’t eat eggs, eat eggs. Exercise 60-90 minutes a day. Long slow moderate, short and vigorous. Do aerobics. Do strength training. Stretch. Don’t stretch.

It happens constantly with all the information and constant searching for answers. How can we take all the massive amount of info we receive on a daily basis, sift through it and figure out what that means for each of us on an individual level?

Remember, the you know you best — listen to your body and pay attention to how you feel when you do certain things. No diet is magical and you will spend the rest of your life on movement, allow it to ebb and flow as life changes.

by Lisa Martin, owner and personal trainer at Salvere Health and Fitness. To contact, email or call 410.707.0055.
We welcome your thoughts and ideas! Thank you for reading and taking the steps to become a healthier YOU.

Salvere Blog: Why and Other Questions??

February 26, 2018

by Salvere Health and Fitness

How often do you ask why? Of yourself and others? A real genuine, “I want to know more”, curious kind of why?

How do you feel when someone asks  you questions? What stops you from asking or feeling comfortable when someone does?

How can we create an environment to ask more, learn more and see different perspectives?

When it comes to fitness and nutrition, I see numerous situations where asking why would help gain a better perspective on what to do. For example, the statement “My doctor says I need to work more on my core.” Or I heard about this new diet, eggs are bad or well, the list could go on here. Got arthritis in one knee from running all those years? What about the left, it ran too!!

As a trainer, I immediately ask, “Why?” With regard to what? Most often, the answer is “I don’t know.” Certain professionals it’s hard to ask questions, kinda feels a little uncomfortable and maybe time feels a little short or rushed.

When it comes to your body and health, ask yourself, does this make sense? Then find another professional where you do feel comfortable and ask some questions, do some research. Ask someone to help you develop a comfortable approach.

We always look forward to your questions and conversations!!

by Lisa Martin, owner and personal trainer at Salvere Health and Fitness. To contact, email or call 410.707.0055.
We welcome your thoughts and ideas! Thank you for reading and taking the steps to become a healthier YOU.

Salvere Blog: Binge Eating

January 20, 2018

By Teddey Hicks, Women’s Healing Center in Ellicott City

WHC Logo 4c
When I was in the throes of binge eating disorder, I remember feeling so confused. What was wrong with me? Why was I so out of control? Why did I keep punishing my body night after night?

I would lie in bed, every single morning, sick with regret. Thinking about everything I had eaten the night before, hating myself, vowing to be different. Each day started with a new, hopeful plan, and each night ended in an out-of-control eating frenzy.

I felt so lost and hopeless.

Just hearing the words “Binge Eating Disorder” gave me hope. Finally, a name for what was happening to me! And that must mean other people have the same thing — I’m not crazy! I felt palpable relief.

The process of self-discovery was so exciting. I felt validated and hopeful, and gained a level of clarity about myself that I hadn’t even dreamed was possible. It was an amazing journey.

The best thing was finally understanding what was going on. I wasn’t crazy. I wasn’t a glutton. I wasn’t selfish and sinful. I was just suffering, and eating was my coping mechanism.
What I Learned

Bingeing is the result of physical deprivation.

Many people who suffer with binge eating disorder have a history of dieting and restriction. It’s not surprising, since we live in this fat-phobic culture, and dieting is so pervasive.

one step penguin

When you restrict your food intake and eat less than your body needs, powerful evolutionary mechanisms kick into gear in order to help you survive (because your body doesn’t understand what “bathing suit season” is — it just thinks you’re starving). This means that with each diet, your body gets better at storing excess energy, increases your appetite, and slows down or ceases other bodily functions to conserve energy. (Evidence of this may be present in your own experience: each diet gets harder, you seem to feel hungrier than you used to, you gain weight extremely easily, and you feel tired and run-down.)

Eventually, your body’s need to survive outweighs (pardon the pun) your desire to fit into size 6 jeans, and you compensate for the calorie deficit you’ve been experiencing by eating lots and lots of food — post-diet binge sound familiar?

Of course you experience this as failure, and take personal responsibility for not having enough will-power or not being a good dieter. And you probably try again next week, with the same sad results. This is the classic diet-binge cycle.

The first steps to curbing binge behavior are creating permission and security around food. This can feel scary if it’s new territory, but it leads to unbelievable freedom.

Bingeing is a sign of emotional distress.

How do you feel when you’re binge eating? Relaxed and happy? Probably not.

Most likely, you feel out of control around food when you’re anxious, stressed, sad, lonely, or angry. It’s just a coping mechanism — and an effective one, at that.

Bingeing may help you numb your feelings. Feeling stuffed may help you feel safe and comforted. Surrounding yourself with extra layers of food may help you hide. You’re protecting yourself.

Binge eating is a very effective signal that something in your life is out of balance, and you may feel relief from your struggles with food once you address those underlying issues.

Binge eating affects all types of people.

You’re not alone. This is the most common type of eating disorder, and it cuts across socio-economic, race, sex, and cultural lines. It was such a relief to me to finally have other people who understood and sympathized with my daily battles.

Binge eating doesn’t make you a bad person.

In our culture, we are quick to blame the individual for any kind of unproductive behaviors. We see things like binge eating as weakness, and think the sufferer should have more will-power, exercise more, or just stop eating so much. There is little understanding or sympathy for the systemic and emotional issues that create these complex behavioral patterns.

Please know that there’s a reason for what you’re going through, and there are ways to overcome it. It doesn’t reflect your worth as a person, or your personal strength.

Binge eating is completely fixable.

Developing an understanding of why you binge is the first step. Then you work through those issues and develop more productive coping mechanisms. You go through the process of creating a peaceful relationship with food. You learn to trust your body again. You learn to respect yourself again.

Yes, it takes time, and yes, it can be challenging, and yes, you will probably need a lot of support and guidance. But recovery is absolutely possible, and the freedom on the other side in incredible.

It’s a powerful journey that will impact every area of your life. It’s exciting, and rewarding, and sometimes even fun. Once you can stop blaming yourself and look for the actual causes of your struggle, you will find it possible to move forward and experience real relief. We’re here to help you get started.

Teddey Hicks works as a Intuitive Eating Counselor and Health Coach at The Women’s Healing Center. She experienced her own journey through binge eating and exercising. She uses her life experiences to help women get past their own limiting beliefs and start living their best lives. You can email her or call her at 443-620-4710 to talk more about your journey.

Salvere Blog: The Diet that “Worked”

October 4, 2017

by Salvere Health And Fitness

Who’s heard or said — “That diet worked.”
What exactly does this mean?
Worked???  hmmmmmmm
Worked for What?
for Why?
We say it worked — but what did it really do?

by Lisa Martin, owner and personal trainer at Salvere Health and Fitness. To contact, email or call 410.707.0055

We welcome your thoughts and ideas! Thank you for reading and taking the steps to become a healthier YOU.

Salvere Blog: Frustrated and Confused About Dieting and Exercise

August 30, 2017

by Salvere Health And Fitness

Do you feel frustrated with what to do and/or follow with your fitness? Are you confused by the numerous diet books, suggestions, articles, TV shows, documentaries, stories, etc?

One suggestion, stop reading and watching and start listening. Think, what new information will I learn from this? Does it even matter once you ask yourself what am I willing to actually change in my own life? What will I gain from this information?

Listen to your body, listen to how you feel after eating something. Listen to how you sleep after you exercise, listen to how you feel after a walk. How about after you do some stretching and movement? Does your back feel better? Your legs?

Does your arthritis flare up after a day of eating sweets and/or lots of processed foods? Try not eating them and see if it changes? Maybe it does, maybe it doesn’t.

Do you feel bloated after eating salty foods such as stir fry or fried chicken?

Start paying attention to your own world and then you know what to expect.

by Lisa Martin, owner and personal trainer at Salvere Health and Fitness. To contact, email or call 410.707.0055

We welcome your thoughts and ideas! Thank you for reading and taking the steps to become a healthier YOU.

Salvere Blog: Starting Again

December 30, 2015

by Salvere Health and Fitness

Okay, with prime diet and exercise month right around the corner (yes, January) we wanted to touch on the “I’m starting again” struggle. We say this quite a bit with regard to healthy eating and exercise, especially with dieting.

So often, something sounds perfect on the surface but then does not carry the same impact long term and may even bring the opposite effect. Next year, when thinking and setting your goals and/or intentions for 2016, reflect on your previous experiences. Think about how each of them felt —

one step penguin

Before setting about on taking action, step by and reflect on why you want to change your health — Write it down! Make small changes a little bit at a time to things that you can do, one step at a time. Slowly build on each one, one step at a time. Make allowance for life to happen, it always will!  These changes will stick around so you don’t have to “Start Again”.

by Lisa Martin, personal trainer and owner of Salvere Health and Fitness. If you’d like to contact Lisa, email her at or call her at (410) 707-0055.
We welcome your thoughts and ideas!  Thank you for reading and taking the steps to become a healthier YOU.

Salvere Blog: The All or None Approach??

July 15, 2015

“I’m not eating dessert.”

“I’ve given up carbs.”

“Since I only had 20 minutes, I didn’t workout.”

Do any of these sound familiar??  Why when it comes to exercise and healthy eating do we tend to take an all or none approach?  Are there any other areas we do this and see success?

Think about the approach we take with healthy living — mainly meaning exercise and healthy eating. Much of the mindset surrounds doing it as a task or “have to” with a punishment type mentality.

Meaning, if we say that we are not eating dessert then we eat dessert, what happens? Often the statement “I was bad” or “I cheated last night” … Not statements that feel good or positive internally.

What about exercise? “I HAVE to go to the gym” instead of “I get to go workout” or “I look forward to spending time with my friend walking around the lake.” Or these, “Well, I only did 30 minutes” or even “I did not workout hard enough”.  If you miss a workout or even a week of workouts due to vacation, work, injury or just life, how long does it take you to get back into a routine?

Looking at fitness and nutrition, how can we begin to change this mindset regarding expectations and a bigger purpose to what we do and the goals we set?  Exercise can be any activity that gets your muscles, heart, lungs and joints moving, gets you fresh air and positive endorphins. We are meant to move — Our sedentary lifestyles have created the need for formal structured exercise.

Nutrition brings us to a bigger struggle. We typically change our eating habits so we lose weight — This actually creates unhealthy eating habits and perspective on food. Diet food is not real food. Also, food impacts us on so many more levels then what the scale said. Did you know certain foods can contribute to inflammation (think about arthritis) and pain? Certain foods greatly impact your digestion? Some foods impact mood, focus and energy? Other foods even impact the skin (eczema, psoriasis, hives, etc.).  Pay attention to how you feel when you eat specific things! Find ways to enjoy eating real food!

Find a balance with structure and simply going out and doing/being/living and feeling alive!

by Lisa Martin , owner and trainer at Salvere Health and Fitness. If you’d like to contact Lisa, email her at or call her at (410) 707-0055.

Chickens and Eggs: Free Range vs. Cage Free vs….

March 19, 2015

Pasture Raised vs. Vegetarian Fed — hmmmmm

chicken and egg

The poor chicken egg — We can’t solve which came first, the chicken or the egg. We’ve debated whether they are extremely unhealthy or natures best health food. Now we have to decide, brown or white (or heaven forbid we start selling green ones), cage free or free range or vegetarian or …. Shew!

For this blog, lets break down what you most commonly see on the food label. First, (and probably easiest) is brown vs. white — there is no real difference, its basically genetics!

Now, cage free vs. free range (also seen as free roaming) vs. pasture raised. These buzz words make there way onto the food label all the time in todays grocery store packages. Cage free basically means they don’t live in a cage, it does not mean they live freely. They may be kept in jam packed barns, with cut beaks and don’t necessarily see sunlight or a pasture.

Free range (or free roaming) means they have to see a little daylight but not necessarily much and the amount of time is not regulated or consistent. They can be treated any way they want with regard to beak cutting and other conditions.

The pasture raised term is not yet approved by the USDA so you may not see it too often and there are no required standards to make the claim. Typically pasture raised chickens freely roam and spend most of their day outdoors with opportunities to engage in more natural behaviors. However, you may still see things such as beak cutting and starvation in these environments.

Finally, vegetarian fed. Great right? Well, often vegetarian fed means a diet of corn and soy. The problem here comes with the fact that chickens do not naturally consume a strict vegetarian diet, they eat bugs, worms and insects.

So, now that we’ve cleared up the egg issue for you — Okay okay, our suggestions start with first setting a priority for your own eating. Do you have the budget to afford the more expensive naturally, pasture raised eggs? If not, pick one of the other options as it’s at least a little better then the mass produced cage living chickens. If you are someone that has trouble with soy and/or corn, you may want to look for non vegetarian fed.