Salvere Blog: Holding Steady

by Salvere Health and Fitness

… Right where you are today. How many times do we take the time to simply be okay with how we exist in the present? Right here, that day, that moment.

Not trying to advance in a job,

not thinking I’ll do better tomorrow,

not feeling the need to lose weight,

not pressuring yourself that you should have done a harder workout,

not worrying if you did enough for others,

not planning to do more things during your day…

Take time to hold steady, simply be where you are at this moment and maybe, stay there for a few weeks. See how it feels to be A OK with being.

by Lisa Martin, owner and personal trainer at Salvere Health and Fitness. To contact, email or call 410.707.0055.

We welcome your thoughts and ideas! Thank you for reading and staying the path to continuous growth opportunities and taking time for curiosity.

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