Salvere Blog: Doing Hard Things

by Salvere Health and Fitness

A thank you to the youth that recently demonstrated the importance of standing up and using your collective voices! Through listening, being vulnerable and working together, you created a movement. I hear you and see you and admire you… We can do great things — together.

As I processed the various discussions in recent weeks, I began to look beyond the conversations to what really happens in the world around me. This week, I wanted to share some thoughts with you all.

Before I do, I know we can do this, we can make it better, for everyone, together!

To the younger generation —

I’m sorry that we taught you that what you look like on the outside is what matters instead of seeing who you are on the inside and being role models for how to see that in others.

I’m sorry that we spend more time telling you what to do and how to think instead of giving you the space to ask why and other questions with your genuine, childlike curiosity.

I’m sorry that we created an environment where making a mistake doesn’t feel okay instead of giving you space to do new things, take risks and be brave, knowing you’ll learn something.

I’m sorry that we taught you to use thing’s as your measurement of success instead of connections, finding your own way of making a positive impact and reaching out to help a stranger.

I’m sorry that you’ve learned that entertainment comes in the form of electronic gadgets and professional sports instead of connections, conversations and getting to know somebody through shared experiences.

I’m sorry that we’ve given you the impression that’s your coach or your teacher doesn’t have your best interest at heart instead of teaching you about the human in everyone, including adults, out there doing the best all while still learning and growing, just like you.

I’m sorry that we’ve taught you that personal belief and being right are more important when making decisions instead of looking at our collective differences, understanding those make each of us unique and actually provide an extra opportunity to see the inner beauty in a person.

I’m sorry that we’ve created an environment where you have to question someone’s motive behind a basic human touch instead of understanding that most people just want you to know you matter.

I’m sorry we’ve made you feel unimportant by creating a culture glorifying busy instead of taking time to slow down to be together, creating an environment where it’s safe to be sad, happy, mad, upset, smart, frustrated or anything else you need to be.

I’m sorry that we’ve made you grow up way too soon by exposing you to TV and movies and stories that weren’t okay for your little ears instead of creating an environment where you can play and run and draw and paint without judgement or fear while learning the value of practice and learning in your own way.

I promise to do different and give space to create and share the story of you.

by Lisa Martin, owner and personal trainer at Salvere Health and Fitness. To contact, email or call 410.707.0055.

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