Salvere Blog: Wait, Wait … Resolutions?

by Salvere Health And Fitness


Don’t make or poo poo those resolutions quite yet — based on my highly sophisticated research study (of about 17 people), New Year’s resolutions seem to be a thing of the past. Even if you fall into the category of not making resolutions, the end of a year and beginning of a new one provide a time for reflection, both on past and looking ahead.

This year, we challenge you to reflect on 2017 and think through all the things. What moments make you proud? What moments felt tough and provided you the opportunity to learn something new? What moments can your remember where you knew you mattered?

Think ahead to 2018, what would bring you joy? Where can you challenge yourself to step out of your comfort zone? What keeps you in that space?

So, before you give up on the whole resolution thing, think about changing what the new year means. Maybe reflect on bigger things like what you want your days and months to look like, to feel like when you reflect back next year?

by Lisa Martin, owner and personal trainer at Salvere Health and Fitness. To contact, email or call 410.707.0055

We welcome your thoughts and ideas! Thank you for reading and taking the steps to become a healthier YOU.

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