Salvere Blog: One Potato, Two Potato

by Salvere Health And Fitness

White potato, sweet potato….

Listening to the radio the other day, a conversation started about the potato and the discussion extended into the health status of the regular potato. Being a curious person, I decided to dig a little deeper into the comparison between various potatoes and the nutrition specifics.

Before going any further, note your initial reaction to what you think about eating potatoes, the white kind.

Okay, now here’s an interesting pie chart for potato consumption in the US, taken from the National Potato Council (who knew this even existed?!)

And, look at the nutritional info for the basic potato, both white and sweet. What do you think now?
So, in the top chart, we see that only 25% of all potato consumption comes in the form of a potato – Then look at the fries and chips? And think about what do you usually put on top of your regular, white potato vs your sweet potato?

In the bottom table, both the sweet potato and the white potato come with their own important values and nutrients. The white potato actually contains more B vitamins and some of your electrolytes – Never thought of a potato as beneficial to rehydrating did ya??

by Lisa Martin, owner and personal trainer at Salvere Health and Fitness.

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In health,
Your “Live Healthy” Team

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