Salvere Blog: Turkey Day Scavenger Hunt

For those of you who know me, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and our family holds a wonderful tradition of gathering in North Carolina each year. Quite a large group of us ranging in age from less than 1 to 93 start showing up starting Tuesday night and stay through the week! Needless to say, it’s a lot of meals together and time to share stories and activities. Years ago, we started a tradition where several of us got up and participated in a local 5 mile run on Thanksgiving morning.

With some of the younger kids getting a little older, we decided this year to forgo fighting the race traffic and do something a little different so more could participate. And 5 miles on little legs can be a lot! We even designed our own race shirts. Not sure how it will work out but thought I’d share here with you all so you could try something similar.

Our gathering space sits back in a quiet neighborhood so we decided to create our own event using a few roads to make a loop as well as the very long driveway. You could meet at the nearest park or other convenient area in your neighborhood.
Our List of Scavenger Hunt finds
A stick
Something crescent or heart shaped
Find a relative and ask them their favorite childhood memory
A green leaf
A red leaf
A purple flower
Find a relative and complement them on something you admire about them
Something in nature that looks like a number
Something in nature that looks like a letter
A piece of trash
Berries or fruit on a tree

Use these and make up some of your own! Let us know if you try it and share any creative ideas! Happy Thanksgiving!

by Lisa Martin, owner and personal trainer at Salvere Health and Fitness. To contact her, call (410) 707-0055 or email
We welcome your thoughts and ideas!  Thank you for reading and taking the steps to become a healthier YOU.

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