Salvere Blog: Celebrate Differences, Impact Change and Give Back

by Salvere Health and Fitness
This week, we want to take a little step away from something fitness specific and talk about a broader subject. The events last week in Orlando sparked some emotionally honest conversations both in my close circle of friends and family as well as on social media platforms. Sifting through the news and the tragedy behind the lives lost, the question keeps coming up – what do we do about these events? How do we go about staying positive and keep moving forward?

After many conversations and reading several articles, it seems the important thing to remember is there are things we can do — often it’s little things within your circle of influence that make a huge impact.

We can give the gift of our presence instead of presents. We can teach our kids empathy. We can take time to learn our neighbor’s story. We can reach out to someone who’s been struggling. We can seek out stories about people doing positive things. We can understand that someone might have a different perspective and love them anyway. We can celebrate our differences and take time to understand each other. We can create a lifetime full of experiences instead of a house full of things. We can donate our time. Any other things you can think of??

by Lisa Martin, owner and personal trainer at Salvere Health and Fitness. To contact Lisa, call her at (410) 707-0055 or email her at .
We welcome your thoughts and ideas!  Thank you for reading and taking the steps to become a healthier YOU.

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