Salvere Blog: The Game of Life

by Salvere Health and Fitness

When I was a kid I loved to play the game “Life” with my friends and family. As you age you learn that life can be unpredictable and can change in an instant – but when you’re young it’s simply just a game. As I got older that ever changing game of life became a reality.
game of life
How do you balance your life in an unbalanced world? Does that mean that you set priorities and detour around anything that might get in the way? Once you go off course it’s much harder and takes more effort to get back on track. If we are talking about committing to a regular fitness goal and keeping that in your daily practices, then you must put that on the priority list and let nothing get in the way.
Setting that type of goal can show your family and friends that taking care of “you” is vital to well-being and balance. Redefine what fitness means to you and your family. Highlight FUN as the main component. Mix things up and challenge yourself to reach higher goals. Think seasonally, like kayaking in the summer, skiing or snow tubing in the winter, support your local non-profits by participating in their fundraising walks in the fall and in the spring head to a park to enjoy the outdoors and the beauty of the season.
You be the winner of your game of Life!
by Pam Beck, personal trainer and senior fitness instructor at
Salvere Health and Fitness. If you’d like to contact Pam, email her at or call her at (443) 799-6055.
We welcome your thoughts and ideas!  Thank you for reading and taking the steps to become a healthier YOU.

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