Diets DON’T Work

Who’s heard or even said this — “The diet worked, when I was on it.” — If I had $1 for every time someone said this, I’d have a small fortune! When you hear the word “diet”, do you automatically think – “This is something I’ll do for the rest of my life.”

Here’s why diets do not “work”:

Let’s start with why and what we want to gain by changing our eating habits. Lose weight, get in a certain outfit, health issues, etc. What goals do you set when you think about “dieting”? Now, think about your goal. How long do you wish to maintain this “achievement”? If you answered, for the rest of your life, enter reason #1 of why diets don’t work. They do not teach you how to eat, for your body, with your specific likes and dislikes, FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. They come with a start and stop time.

Paleo, South Beach, Shakeology, Mediterranean, DASH, Weight Watchers, Gluten Free, Jenny Craig, Adkins, etc. Go Google “diets” and see what comes up. One of the first links take you to a US News and World Reports page listing the 35 best diets. Really, 35 “best” diets? Hmmm — No wonder we find healthy eating confusing and overwhelming.

Now on to the “why” of eating. How many of these diets touch on the WHY we eat certain food, at certain times. Diets do not touch on behavioral change and what we do to create a lifetime healthy eating plan that includes eating regularly and incorporating cookies, chicken wings and beer on random occasions. A dieting mentality comes with quite a bit of self punishment. “I was bad.” Think back to when you were a child, how did you feel after being punished??

If there was a magical formula, would there be 35 “best” diets (oh and you can find way more then 35 options)? We all have our own unique way of eating and dieting does not take this into consideration. If we truly wanted to eat like a Caveman, we would be eating wooly mammoth and saber tooth tigers, not cows and chickens — oh, and we would be hunting them down and killing them ourselves. Many of these diets have useful information and you can take snippets from each to apply to what makes you feel your best!

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