Redefining Hero

hero quoteHERO:
“A mythological creature or legendary figure with great strength or ability, a warrior. Also, a man admired for his achievements and qualities, one who shows great courage.”

Who comes to mind for you when it comes to a hero? It seems we often find athletes, movie stars and political figures idolize. Has this always been the case or something new to our society of social media? Are they truly heros? Why do we look there for our heros?

When looking to these individuals as heros or role models, we need to remind ourselves that they are people too; people that make mistakes. Often these people are born with traits and a genetic ability for what they do, but success still always comes with hard work. Sometimes they simply happened to be in the right place at the right time. Like many of us, the traits that build success often are the very traits that create trouble too.

Can we redefine who our children view as heros? Absolutely we can… As adults and individuals our youth look up to and admire, we need to do a better job showing that these people exist. People that live ordinary lives, out of the limelight yet still hero worthy. We need to talk to our children about how to enjoy the abilities of athletes and movie stars with regard to what they do in their profession and what draws the child to that particular figure or person. Is it their “on screen” achievements or something else they accomplished?

As adults, do we pick out non celebrity individuals to admire and talk about? Can we discuss more what traits we admire in a person and how you use these to influence your own life. Why do we even have heros to begin with? What do you do if your hero lets you down?

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