Confessions of a Personal Trainer

by Leah Daniels

I don’t like to exercise sometimes! Are you surprised?!!!! Yes, even personal trainers don’t always like to exercise. It’s hard sometimes to exercise alone or sometimes at all! That’s why its important to have a buddy system so that you can encourage each other when one doesn’t feel like it, the other one usually will help give the push that we all need from time to time.

Remember in English class the 5 W’s? You had to answer the Where, What, Who, When and Why. Well, it can apply to exercising too. The WHY is the most important and a crucial one to answer because it is personal once you know YOUR WHY the other W’s are quite easy. See, if you can answer WHY you want to exercise and WHY it is important to YOU, then others can help you with the rest. But, you have to know WHY you do it so it can be a priority in your life. If you can, then you will make the time and effort to make sure that you do it!

So you ask — Why do I exercise? 1) So I can feel comfortable in my own skin, 2) To be healthy and 3) Be an example for my kids. So what’s the answer to your WHY?

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