To Diet or Not to Diet…

Diets — they’ve become so much a part of our society that we work with clients who spend most of their life dieting and on a weight loss/gain roller coaster.  The term “diet” used to mean what ones eats over a certain period of time.  Now, most of us hear the word “diet” and automatically think something we “go on” that comes along with specific restrictions, usually for weight loss purposes.  As trainers, we engage in many conversations about what to eat and what is “the best diet”.  Recently, we’ve been involved in several eye opening discussions.

So one conversation started about a specific diet plan and the person wanted to know if it was ideal for her goals.  Off she went to investigate.  After deciding to give it a try, she brought home all the details, instructions and materials.  The five or so generic recommendations included avoiding things like alcohol and dairy.  Sounds okay so far — The looking at the specifics, the guidelines included utilizing their prepackaged foods.

Well, I picked up this astronaut looking food and read the ingredient list — Ingredient #1: MILK … Ingredient #2: Whey protein isolate (milk!) … Ingredient #3: cheddar cheese powder (dairy!) — hmmm, thought the instructions included avoiding dairy??  So the individual providing the diet instructions advised avoiding dairy but then sold their customer numerous food products (fyi they make money off of selling product!) that included not 1 but 3 dairy ingredients, as the main ingredients!  None of this mattered because weight loss happened — My question to you all when contemplating your next diet … What price do we pay for weight loss??  Do diets = Health??  Are we utilizing the right professionals when looking at making nutritional changes?

Look for our next blog where we investigate whether we should always be applauding weight loss…

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