Happy Anniversay Mom and Dad

Our blog posts usually come on on Thursdays and it just so happens that this Thursday falls on my parents anniversary — So I thought I’d make it the topic today.  First, Happy 43rd (I think!) Anniversary Mom and Dad … And thanks for all the lessons over the years.  I will say that one of the biggest and most important (and healthiest!) parts of my life do revolve around what they built surrounding our family.  Some of the most important “learnings” through the years – from Mom and Dad (they probably don’t even know they taught those!)

1.  Often we teach people how to treat us more by our actions then our words.

2.  Disagreeing is okay – although not always fun and comfortable.

3.  Create space for others to live and define their own, individual happiness.

4.  Meal time (and cooking together) is important for more then the food.

5.  Sometimes you simply go with the flow.

6.  Having half a Little Debbie snack pack is okay, even if the whole pack is available (and the kids at school might pick on you!).

7.  Chores make you stronger.

8.  That spending time with someone is valuable, even if it’s doing nothing.

9.  Volunteer and give back.

10.  That even though they are Mom and Dad, they are people too — and it’s okay to treat them to dinner (or a beer!)

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