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Exercise: For Intensity or Experience?

July 24, 2014

Exercise — What does it mean to you??  Do you feel like its relaxing and fun??  Do you look forward or dread?

I hear people often say they HATE to exercise or find excuses to not do it regularly — What exactly do we hate??

key highway Domino plant sunsetAs our society has become more and more scientific, we publish these findings on what is the “right way” to exercise, the “right time” to workout and the “right intensity level” to exercise.  What happened to simply moving —

The other night I was reminded of this while out walking with a friend — We noticed things we would not have if we were concerned with our intensity level, we chatted about things we would not have if we were grunting through lifting weights and we appreciated time spent together.  Done simply and easily!

I challenge you to bring fun back to exercise — Try it!  and enjoy the sunset picture from this very walk!


Do you Practice Fitness?

July 7, 2014

When we want to become good at something, we practice right??  Think about when we teach children any skill — soccer, piano, math, dance, etc — We discuss the importance of practice and how it takes time to be good at something.  As adults, we often forget about the value of practice.  More specifically (because its what we do here at Salvere!) with regard to our workout programs.  As a personal trainer, I see so many people start a new workout program or learn a new exercise and feel discouraged if it takes several tries to get it right.  Then, we want to jump right to the advanced version of the move.  Take the squat for example — sometimes we need to work on specific strength or flexibility in the hips for weeks or even months before we can even get the technique.

Would you do calculus before you learned basic arithmetic??  Would you try to replicate Beethoven on the piano before you could play hot cross buns??

We want to be able to move the best way possible for the rest of our lives — Why do we not plan our fitness programs accordingly?  To account for the ebb and flow of our bodies and changes in life… Always take good quality moves over quantity of repetitions