Fit vs Healthy

Is there a difference in fit and healthy?  Can you be one without being the other??

As a very regular exerciser and professional in the health and fitness industry I often hear “Oh you workout, you can eat whatever you want.”  Not only do I hear it, but see it as our clients workout and feel as though that means they can slack off on the nutrition piece.  How many times do we hear of someone who exercises but takes medication for high cholesterol, anxiety, osteoporosis or is chronically sick?  Or that person that seems to be a overweight yet never gets sick and does not take a single pill?

Someone can be fit to run a race or do a workout without really being all around healthy and vice versa.  Pay attention next time to either your own thoughts or what you hear other people say.  The fact is, even those that workout every day still have to maintain a habit of healthy eating, each and every day.

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