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Fit vs Healthy

April 17, 2014

Is there a difference in fit and healthy?  Can you be one without being the other??

As a very regular exerciser and professional in the health and fitness industry I often hear “Oh you workout, you can eat whatever you want.”  Not only do I hear it, but see it as our clients workout and feel as though that means they can slack off on the nutrition piece.  How many times do we hear of someone who exercises but takes medication for high cholesterol, anxiety, osteoporosis or is chronically sick?  Or that person that seems to be a overweight yet never gets sick and does not take a single pill?

Someone can be fit to run a race or do a workout without really being all around healthy and vice versa.  Pay attention next time to either your own thoughts or what you hear other people say.  The fact is, even those that workout every day still have to maintain a habit of healthy eating, each and every day.

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Forgiveness: of Self and Others

April 10, 2014

“Forgiveness is a gift you give yourself” – Tony Robbins

… Such a big word and even more powerful action.  We teach our children about forgiveness and even talk afreedom of forgivenessbout forgive and forget but sometimes what we forget about as adults is the power of forgiveness.  Where does resistance to forgiveness come from?  Why, as adults, are we hesitant to forgive?  Does forgiveness only relate to others?  Have you ever done something and not forgiven yourself?

Resistance to forgive often comes because we feel someone wronged us and if we forgive then they will think their actions were okay.  Sometimes an action equates to great consequences for the victim and finding forgiveness means letting go of blame or anger.  The act of forgiveness follows a path of varying emotions and some things take more time and a longer path to get to the end to find the way to forgive.  This path leads to different opportunities to grow and learn about yourself, on a deeper level.  Forgiveness leads to a sense of freedom from emotional pain and possibly even a greater feeling of self respect.

Will we or can we every really “forget” something?  Unfortunately we don’t have an eraser for the memory — Depending on the severity, it may diminish greatly or not really at all.  Forgiveness does not always come with forget.  Think if there is something you hold on to — How does it affect you?  Where does it show up?  Is it something or someone you can come to a point of forgiveness?






Open House: A Different Approach to Health and Wellness at Salvere Health and Fitness

April 2, 2014

Salvere Health and Fitness announces a night of free health classes, seated massages and refreshments as an introduction to their new trainers, new groups and new space.  In celebration of their new, expanded space, Salvere Health and Fitness will host an open house on Tuesday, April 8th from 5:30 pm – 8:30 pm at their Columbia studio. Come enjoy a night complete with exercise in a small group environment with one of their personal trainers, a seated chair massage, homemade food and an opportunity for Q and A with their counselor, nutritionists and fitness professionals. They will be giving away prizes for free training, massages, small group sessions, workshops, cooking lessons and gift cards.

Salvere Health and Fitness is not a typical gym or wellness facility. They focus on each person individually and create a plan to develop lifelong health based on the unique needs of their clients. The trainers modify the exercises based on individual needs and the team works with each client to determine the appropriate program. “I opened the studio six years ago after spending many years watching clients struggle with the similar things surrounding weight loss and the myriad of messages regarding diet and exercise. My vision was to create a place, a community, where anyone feels comfortable, regardless of weight or abilities, to explore the path of developing health and wellness for a lifetime in a supportive environment,” states Lisa Martin, owner of Salvere Health and Fitness.

Their unique approach to living well starts with a private appointment with one of their team members to determine the clients’ goals, abilities and experiences. From there, the client and wellness professional develop a plan of attack. They maintain a feeling of individual attention by keeping all workout groups small and continuing to offer options for private training. Salvere Health and Fitness offers a variety of exercise tools such as the TRX, medicine balls, kettlebells, resistance tubing and dumbbells to give clients plenty of workout options. The nutrition programs, supportive counseling and massage work in very much the same way, personal and individualized.

At the open house, guests and visitors are encouraged to participate in all or part of a workout, ask questions and feel the environment to learn how Salvere Health and Fitness really works. “We view health and fitness as a journey. Each person takes many paths and has various needs throughout their lifetime. We encourage them to set goals and take steps based on where they are at that point in time. Because we built a well-rounded team of professionals, our programs provide the opportunity to truly work on the mind, food and body,” says Martin.

Come meet the fitness guru’s, mind freeing therapists, food prepping nutritionists and muscle loving masseuse at the Salvere Health and Fitness’ open house. Experience free small group exercise classes, a seated chair massage, food samples and workshops at this unique wellness facility during their April 8th open house. Salvere Health and Fitness will teach you to eat well, move safely and live healthy.