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Never Worry About Your Weight Again

February 27, 2014

What if this was true?  If you never had to worry about your weight ever again in your life.  If someone told you, be whatever weight you want.  What would you do differently?  What dreams do you have?  Do you have a bucket list written down somewhere?  How would you live your life?  Look at these things, what changes would you need to make in your life to experience these?

One caveat, you have to exercise regularly (whatever movement you want!) and eat healthy 80% of the time…

Well, what are you waiting for??  Stop reading and go LIVE the life you want ….



Is Watching People Lose Weight on a TV Game Show Motivating??

February 20, 2014

Okay, yes, the “Game Show” I referenced is the Biggest Loser.  Before we go any further, I will fully admit I do not watch the show, I do not like it (Sam I am) and I do not like how the trainers treat the contestants.  It feels like so much has already been written on the famous episode where the one contestant looked so skinny.  Where everyone stared at her in shock … Reading other blogs and articles really put a perspective on the various view points out there.

Some say oh she played the game and hopefully will gain it back.  Some called her anorexic.  Some said she took it too far.  Some blamed it on the Biggest Loser.  Some saw it as a sign of something deeper going on with her.  Did anyone take it as an opportunity to actually think and question the show on a deeper level?  Actually, forget about the show, did anyone take time to think about what the obsession with weight loss in our country really does to a person?

Think about it — Does weight loss really equal health?  Do diets emphasize healthy eating?  Does focusing on sugary beverages help us to realize the dangers of diet beverages?  Do we exercise because it is good for our mental health?  Or because it improves our cardiovascular system?  Or because it helps with bone density?  Do we, as the fitness industry, promote a lifetime of healthy living?  Does continued weight loss and weight gain contribute to a healthy sense of self?  Where does self acceptance fall into this whole process?  As we talk more and more about weight loss, are we thinner and healthier as a society?  I encourage you to do one thing —- Think.  Think beyond what something appears.

Realize those trainers on the Biggest Loser stood up on that show year after year and season after season taking credit for the success of each and every Loser Winner and making millions in the process… Until Rachel… When they saw Rachel, both Jillian and Bob claimed to not be her trainer or have responsibility to her “extreme” weight loss.  They initially declined to comment.  Realize that these two had the same role or non role with each and every one of those contestants after they left “the ranch.”  Motivation lies all around us, right before our eyes in our every day lives.  We often forget to look for it in these places!

Good or Bad? …. or “Is”?

February 13, 2014

Think of the last time good and bad faceyou took a test, had blood work done, taken a measurement or completed a project.  What question did you ask first?  So often we do things in life and immediately wonder if it is “good or bad”.   Think about your weight, your cholesterol, your heart rate, your body fat, your last running event, a written test, your hearing, your vision or your (fill in the blank here!).  We immediately classify them good or bad.  I ask you, does it really matter?  Are these tests really absolute?  or a baseline starting point?  So what if your hearing sucks a little … something can be done to make it better (and chances are you already knew it was harder to hear things before the test).

How often have you experienced someone telling you “that’s bad” and then you feel stress or depressed about it?  What if we stopped labeling things such as weight and cholesterol as good and bad?  Ever heard the saying – “It is what it is.”  Would certain things feel different (meaning better!) if we labeled them as “is” instead of good and bad?  And starting using these numbers simply for baseline, starting point measurements.  Often we don’t really know the specific value for “good” and “bad”.  Giving yourself permission to be exactly where you are at that moment in time allows for more self acceptance!  Remember, “It is what it is” much of the time.

message from a apologetic personal trainer…

February 4, 2014

oops sign

Why would your trainer be apologizing you ask?  Well, I’d like to use this as an opportunity to offer all of you a sincere apology from the fitness industry.  Okay, so they didn’t officially appoint me the spokesperson but I’ll take on the responsibility!

For years we led you all to believe that you can reach your health and fitness goals in 6 weeks, 8 weeks, 12 weeks, etc. by offering programs with such promises and timelines.  I want you to know that we are truly sorry for spreading viscous lies for so many years.  Between the infomercials, magazines, television shows and gyms promoting all those people that lost so much in just weeks, we have mislead you!  Ever heard or even said “Well that diet worked, while I was on it.”  Sure some programs and people see success but how long does it last?  And why does it not stay off when we use it?  And the ones that do lose, most gain it back.  How often do we see a Biggest Loser reunion show??

The fact remains, if a program teaches you how to implement healthy habits into your daily routine FOR the REST of your LIFE then it is the RIGHT program for you.  We don’t need extensive research to show us that exercise and healthy eating should take place forever!!  To make up for this terrible thing we have done to you all, we promise to be faithful and true, ’til death do us part, to teaching you the truth and helping you ACHIEVE TRUE HEALTH!  After all, it’s a journey not a destination…