Weight Loss

Making Discussions about Weight More Comfortable…

As a trainer, many clients start out of a desire to lose weight.  Some quite a bit of weight, others a few pounds.  The topic of weight loss makes for uncomfortable and sometimes embarrassing discussions.  While the process to lose weight takes time, dedication and commitment as well as some serious soul searching, those of you who take positive steps to change your situation should be proud. 

We spend so much time in our society labeling thing as good or bad instead of simply taking each situation at face value.  At any point in time for any of us in any situation… (my famous saying) … It is what it is … Any of us can choose to move forward and make changes in a positive direction.  Nobody can change the past…

My thought in putting this post out – Many people struggle with their weight.  To those of you out there making positive changes (whether big or small) give yourself a big pat on the back.  It’s not easy and can feel like a huge undertaking… Congratulate yourself for moving in a positive direction!

Those of you who want to, take that step… Find a place where you feel safe and receive positive encouragement!  It’s possible to change!!!

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