Cost of Illness vs. Being Healthy

When we look at taking action on our health, “is that covered by insurance” is the most common response I hear when making a recommendation to take action on natural ways to improve or prevent health issues.  My question to you….  Just because insurance “covers it”, does that make it cheaper???  Does taking a pill for high cholesterol or high blood pressure or diabetes equal a cure?   (Guess that’s two questions….)

With rising health insurance costs and increasing copays, do we really save money by using our insurance for everything with regard to keeping our bodies in tip top shape? Lets look at treatment vs. prevention:

Treatment lasts a lifetime whereas prevention is a lifestyle…

Treatment side effects = Not fun and doctor visits

Prevention side effects = visit where you WANT TO and more chances for fun!

Prevention costs may include personal training, natural supplementation, chiropractic treatment, massage therapy or other muscle work, nutrition therapy or even acupuncture.  While the cost of these things certainly can add up,  you can do so many things to improve your health for FREE!  Remember those copays for medicines and doctor visits do add up over a lifetime.  While some health issues certainly are not preventable, most of us can do a few things to improve our health on a regular basis.  Make small changes and pay attention to how great you feel, mentally and physically!

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