Begin with the End in Mind

For those of you who read “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephen Covey know this habit!  One of the things he talks about is sitting back and reflecting on what you want to say you accomplished in life.  If you’ve never done this, it takes being honest with yourself but can be a great, eye opening experience.  Think long and hard about what means the most to you, your passions and things you want to experience.  Begin to write them down on paper.  Do this part!  Often we simply think about things but never take the time to write them, to commit to them…

Once you know what you want to achieve in life, use these as regular reminders as you make choices throughout your day.  Do your decisions line up with your goals and life vision?  Believe in yourself and DREAM big……. Anything is possible…. We all posses unique gifts and often forget to let them shine through.  Take time today or this week to envision your life as you would like to see it!  Then take action and make it a reality…  Email us your dreams and goals.  We’d love to support  you and see you move towards living the life you want.

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