When is Enough Enough??

When is enough enough?

The murder spree in dc lately, the San Francisco giants fan in a coma due to an altercation over the outcome of the opening day baseball game, the alarming statistics on our poor health, the negativity in our news programs, the fact that more people know about Charlie sheen’s antics then where a carrot grows, the “terrible” economy, athletes that make millions while teachers get laid off, the government budget issues and the list could go on…

When will we finally say enough????  Enough of the negative, doom and gloom…. Lets accentuate the positive!

Sometimes it feels overwhelming and that changing the American culture seems almost impossible.  It will be enough …. When being that parent brings back the meaning of an OCCASIONAL treat because they care enough about the future of their childs’ health, when we as adults begin to actually practice healthy habits instead of preaching them, when we begin to bring back the meaning of family by actually sitting down and having quality time together, when we bring back the meaning of community by realizing that we are stronger together supporting each other then as individuals working so hard to make sure we get our point across to prove we are “right”.

This can happen…. Not overnight but one person, one decision and one step at a time.

My challenge to you…. Take one week during May FOR A MEDIA (MEANING TELEVISION, NEWSPAPER, RADIO, INTERNET) FREE WEEK.  Outside of work, leave these “things” off… See what happens.   Set aside one or two nights to have a meal with your kids or your neighbors or friends… Spend quality time together.  What brings passion in your friends or family?  Find out someones hobby or their family heritage or their favorite childhood memory.  Read a book… buy a new cd…

Let me know how it goes!!!

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