How well do you know….

Yourself??  After spending more hours in the Columbia Mall last weekend then I did total all of last year, I observed something very interesting.  As a Howard County native, I find this area absolutely amazing and full of opportunity to do a variety of activities.  Thinking about how much the area (including the types of stores in the mall) changed over the last thirty years, I had an epiphany….

While vending at the Fabulous Mom’s Expo with an awesome colleague, Dr. Julie Walsh, we discussed in length why we have this desire to be healthier but we, as not just a local society but as a country, hesitate to invest in our health.  Howard County claims the title of one of the wealthiest counties in the country… So my epiphany involved where do we invest our money and how well do we actually know ourselves (and what YOU value?).

Does that overly expensive Coach purse or hundreds of dollars spent each month on facials/plastic surgery/hair coloring/make up from Sephora really create internal happiness?  Do we really believe that sweet potato as an ingredient in a pie to be healthy?  Where are we spending our money and time?  Howard County again provides many great resources … is it at a cost more then just in dollars?  With such a high cost of living, it seems as though we are, as the country song says “Rushing rushing til life’s no fun.  All we really gotta do is live and die, but I’m in a hurry and don’t know why!”   Are we doing the things that truly provide a good solid base for our long term mental and physical health?  Who are we really… as individuals, as a city, as a county, as a society?

I welcome your comments!


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2 Responses to “How well do you know….”

  1. Julie Says:

    Well put. This is a question we should always ask ourselves, even if we feel we have already discovered the answer. I find the healthiest individuals continue to seek out their true essence and understand as humans, we are ever-evolving. For some, the coach bag and sweet potato pie suits them today, but in 5 years they may recognize the importance of a healthy body or a whole food diet.

    Imagine if, every day, everyone tried to be a little bit better of a person than they were the day before – how wonderfully progressive and evolved our lives and the world would be.

  2. Bryan Walsh Says:

    Darwin originally posited, survival of the fittest. However, as times have evolved, that theory has morphed from physical fitness to survival of the mentally fit. People who invest in their health – exercise, diet, and a healthy lifestyle – will reap the rewards long into their life. People who mistakenly think sweet potato cupcakes are healthy, or that drinking a cup of “juice” from a well marketed company, are on the bottom end of the mental fitness chain and will continue to wonder why they aren’t losing weight or feeling as energetic as they could be.

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