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How well do you know….

March 21, 2011

Yourself??  After spending more hours in the Columbia Mall last weekend then I did total all of last year, I observed something very interesting.  As a Howard County native, I find this area absolutely amazing and full of opportunity to do a variety of activities.  Thinking about how much the area (including the types of stores in the mall) changed over the last thirty years, I had an epiphany….

While vending at the Fabulous Mom’s Expo with an awesome colleague, Dr. Julie Walsh, we discussed in length why we have this desire to be healthier but we, as not just a local society but as a country, hesitate to invest in our health.  Howard County claims the title of one of the wealthiest counties in the country… So my epiphany involved where do we invest our money and how well do we actually know ourselves (and what YOU value?).

Does that overly expensive Coach purse or hundreds of dollars spent each month on facials/plastic surgery/hair coloring/make up from Sephora really create internal happiness?  Do we really believe that sweet potato as an ingredient in a pie to be healthy?  Where are we spending our money and time?  Howard County again provides many great resources … is it at a cost more then just in dollars?  With such a high cost of living, it seems as though we are, as the country song says “Rushing rushing til life’s no fun.  All we really gotta do is live and die, but I’m in a hurry and don’t know why!”   Are we doing the things that truly provide a good solid base for our long term mental and physical health?  Who are we really… as individuals, as a city, as a county, as a society?

I welcome your comments!



Goals vs. Dreams

March 10, 2011

“A goal is a dream with a deadline.”  – Napoleon Hill

We all know about goals and dreams.  How do you begin to differentiate between a goal and a dream and how do the two work together?  Now think of something you always wanted to do or achieve.  Think big and think out of the box.  Often we limit our thinking when it comes to dreams because we think it can’t be done.  Take this opportunity to think without limits.  DREAM and write it down on paper.

Once you know your dream, set your goals based on the steps you need to live this dream!  Many times we set goals based on false dreams or something not true to your heart, especially with regard to health and fitness.  In the end, we fail to achieve the goal we set for ourselves.  Decide why you start something and let it be true to you.  Take it step by step and enjoy the journey!

Squatting Hurt Your Knees??

March 7, 2011

Do you find the thought of doing squats dreadful??  Ugh the pain in your knees… If this sounds like you, read on for more.  First, did you realize that squatting is a daily activity?  I challenge you to stand up out of a chair without squatting.  Women, using a public restroom also requires a little creative squatting right?

Nice squat form!

Squatting done properly should not hurt the knees unless you previously injured one or both.  Prior to doing tons of squats, rule out any major injuries.  Start with your feet about hip width apart and toes mostly parallel.  Bend at the hips and sit back your butt back on your heels.  Lower your hips by bending the knees AND hinging forward at the hips.  Allow your torso to come forward slightly to account for the change in your center of gravity.

When you stand back up, be deliberate in using your quadriceps, glutes and hamstrings.  If you find yourself sitting for many hours each day, corrective exercises prior to lots of squatting will help the muscles relearn their proper job!