Dear Barefoot Runners… Part II

Based on the previous blog, you know how highly I regard these special shoes.  You’re probably asking yourself the same question I get EVERY time… How much support do they provide?

We’re so trained to believe that we need our shoes to support our arches.  What about the very unique design of  our feet with the hundreds of bones and the natural ability to absorb shock by pronating (this means rolling in or the arch collapsing) slightly on impact.  Yes, I did say pronate!  We talk about this motion being bad.  Actually, this movement is natural and we want to allow it to happen.  Think of rigid arch support as a brace for your foot preventing your arch from performing this natural action.  A question for you to ponder — Are some of our foot problems in this country actually CAUSED by wearing shoes??  Think about a child, how often do they want those silly shoes OFF their feet???

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