Are you a studier or crammer?

Something to make you go hmmm… Ever cram for an exam or test in school?  What happens to the information you “learn” in this process?  What about if you study a little each day in preparation??  Not something I’m too familiar with but am sure many of you can relate.

In working on changing/improving your health and fitness, think about it like that exam.  How often do we hear or think, this “magical formula” will help me lose all the weight I want in just 6 weeks.  Now, 6 weeks might be sufficient to prepare for that exam but not for a lifetime of healthy habits.  Setting short and long term goals helps to develop real habits that stick around.  Realize that life happens!  You will constantly have changing goals, desires, time constraints and abilities.  Go with these and work to incorporate what you can around your ever changing schedule.

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