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A Golden opportunity!

April 6, 2010

Yes this picture taken from our seats!

Last month, I took the golden opportunity to travel to Vancouver and attend the Olympics.  One of the best experiences of my life!  While we observed only two events, womens hockey and womens aerials, the whole time we immersed ourselves in whatever we could.  I took the role of geeky tourist and shot about 400 pictures over the four days.  Not surprising, I found myself thinking in health and fitness mode.

So what did I come up with?  Well, I found myself in awe watching these athletes and their ability to perform.  These men and women train for years to build up to this two week period of time.  While they compete at other times over the four year break, they plan their training to achieve their peak performance for the Olympics.  For some, this means they compete once and done.  Four years of work for a 15 minute event!  How then does this relate to those of us who are not this caliber of athlete?

Think about when you set a goal with regard to health and fitness?  We tend to look only into the near future and focus on short term results.  Imagine if these Olympians only thought about the results they will see in the next three months?  While we are not Olympians (although I like to pretend I am!), we can still think and act like one!  Think big picture and realize that your workout and eating will change based on where you fall in your Olympic training!