financial crisis… what next??

So everyone is freaking out over this financial crisis. Although many people unfortunately have lost a good amount of their retirement or even lost their jobs. All this is very true and real for those people. BUT there is this tremendous component of the media freaking out and presenting everything as doom and gloom. It’s almost as if the media is the equivalent of a micro manager, reporting on every little thing as soon as it happens.

What if we all tried taking a step back and making some different choices. Take time to really think about things and let things happen as they may, naturally. Not just with the stock market, with other things in your life too. How do you feel after listening to the evening news? I find it puts me in a depressing mood almost immediately! Allow yourself time to enjoy life, maybe take time to sit and do nothing for 10 minutes each day. Think about what you would do with your life if you had the opportunity to do anything at all that you wanted. Maybe you can really make it happen??!!

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